I have worked in a variety of mediums (oil, Chinese brush painting, ceramics, porcelain & sculpture) but now find my direction in calligraphy. Having discovered the uniqueness of watercolor in Singapore when I learned Chinese brush painting, I continue to be challenged by the nuance and mystery of watercolor’s transparency. Being primarily a watercolor artist, I have evolved into calligraphy which incorporates my love of letterforms and water based mediums. I have been privileged to study with some of the most renown calligraphers in the United States.

About my Angel Series:

Art has helped me transcend all major transitions in my life, especially through the loss that accompanies death and change. For the past 15 years, I have found solace painting watercolors of monumental sculptures. I feel compelled to give life to these silent and unmoving figures of stone and metal as a tribute to their strength. These monuments often stand as lone guardians of our precious loves and testaments to forgotten sacrifices. They stand unchanged when all we know is threatened, compromised, or destroyed.

I work in watercolor, an unforgiving medium (as is loss). I enjoy the use of water as a color itself as well as the ethereal quality revealed in the white of the paper. Choosing a fluid medium (watercolor) to represent solid mass is a paradox. Scale has added an additional challenge but has brought more reality to my figures. I often use hot press paper which allows me to stain the entire surface of the sheet and then lift color, providing an opportunity to contrast whites with darker pigments, thus allowing a positive image to emerge from the negative field; finding the mystery within. Weather etches a monument’s surface as its canvas with lichen, erosion, mildew and oxidation. The motionlessness statues challenge me to find a narrative through light, angle, space and their aging surface.

Human life may be transitory, but together, the statues and I, face the constant friction of change while resolving to remain strong and calm. I owe them the tribute of my canvas, as one way of thanking them for their healing balm.